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Legal notice

All information and facts contained on our Internet site have been carefully researched and checked by PHW or third parties. However, neither PHW nor the respective third parties accept any liability as to accuracy, completeness or actuality.

PHW’s Internet site can be linked to other web sites by hyperlinks without PHW’s knowledge. PHW accepts no liability for the content, presentation or any link to PHW of third party web sites.

Using a link from this web site to a third party web site means leaving the PHW site, and is undertaken at the risk of the user. PHW has not checked all third party web sites and accepts no liability whatsoever for the content therein. This applies equally to all further results of using third party web sites.

The content of this web site may not be changed, nor may it be copied, presented, distributed or used in any other way for public or commercial purposes without the prior written approval of PHW. The content contained on this web site is protected by copyright. All rights are reserved.

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Data privacy statement

We are committed to protecting both your data and privacy. In order to guarantee that you are fully aware of how we gather and use personal data on our websites, please note the following information.

1. Saving access data
Every time a website is accessed and a file is retrieved, access data on this is saved in a log file on our server. The data is saved exclusively for internal, system-related and statistical purposes. The data record contains the following information:
The page from which the file was requested

  • Name of the file
  • Date and time of request
  • The transferred data volume
  • Access status
  • Description of the web browser type

This data is not forwarded to third parties.

2. Collection and processing of personal data
Personal data is only collected if you volunteer this information to us. This information is not linked to the above-mentioned access data. Data provided by you by e-mail, such as company, first name, last name, postcode, town, street, telephone number, fax number and e-mail is used for communicating with you.

3. Data transmission to third parties
The PHW Group / LOHMANN & CO. AG only transmits personal data to third parties when

  • this is permitted by law without your consent,
  • transmission is necessary in order to provide the service which you have requested,
  • within the framework of processing order data, a sub-contractor is used to provide quotes and services and requires this data or if you have expressly agreed to the transmission of data beyond performance of the contract.

The PHW Group / LOHMANN & CO. AG undertakes to oblige, in writing, staff and third parties who may execute orders to maintain confidentiality and data secrecy in accordance with §5 of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) and to also observe and continually monitor the principles of proper data processing.

4. Cookies
Some of our websites use so-called "cookies" which serve to make our sites generally more user-friendly, more effective and safer, for example when it comes to accelerating navigation on our platform. Moreover, cookies allow us to measure the frequency with which pages are requested as well as general navigation.
Cookies are small text files which are saved on your computer system. Please note that some of these cookies are loaded onto your computer system, these are referred to as so-called "session cookies". "Session cookies" are automatically deleted from your hard disk at the end of your browser session. You can, of course, choose not to accept cookies provided that your browser enables this. If you leave our site via a link and thus go to a third-party site, cookies may also be set by the addressees of the target site which you clicked on. We are not legally responsible for these cookies.

5. Use of Facebook plugins
To protect your privacy, no Facebook plugins are used.

6. Use of Google Analytics
To protect your privacy, Google Analytics is not used.

7. Use of Google "+1" button
To protect your privacy, no Google "+1" buttons are used.

8. Right to information
According to the Federal Data Protection Act, you have the right to be provided with information free of charge on your saved data and, where appropriate, the right to demand that this data be corrected, blocked or deleted.

9. Data safety
We secure our websites and other systems by taking technical and organisational measures to prevent your data from being lost, destroyed, accessed, changed or disseminated by unauthorised parties.

10. Further information and contact details
If you have any further questions on the issue of data protection, please get in touch. For questions on the collection, processing and use of your personal data as well as for information, correction, blockage, deletion of data and the withdrawal of any consents, please contact:

Paul-Wesjohann-Strasse 45
49429 Visbek, Germany
Telephone: +49 (0) 44 45 / 891 – 0
Fax : +49 (0) 44 45 / 891 – 250

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