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Focus on nutrition, health and agriculture

The PHW Group, with about 7.000 employees and a total turnover of EUR 2,48 billion, produces and markets high-quality poultry specialities, such as chicken, turkey and duck, under the brand name of WIESENHOF. Its other business sectors include animal feed and animal health, human nutrition and human healthcare in a Group consisting of over 35 independent firms.

The headquarters of the PHW Group are situated in Rechterfeld in the north west of Germany. The PHW Group is one of the most important companies in the German state of Lower Saxony and a key player in the agricultural and nutritional sector in Germany. Every day we take responsibility for people, animals and the environment.

A global company

Poultry specialities for Europe with world-wide trade relations:

The PHW Group has a broad international presence. The goal is to make scientific findings usable for the practice and the constant search for innovations. We purse a responsible and sustainable design of the future.

Our claim

The tradition of our family business ensures sustainable and responsible action. We also want to give the next generations the opportunity to develop and continue the company.