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PHW Gruppe - Focus on nutrition, health and agriculture

The core business area of the PHW Group, headquartered in Rechterfeld (Lower Saxony) in Germany, is the production and marketing of high-quality poultry specialities under the WIESENHOF brand. In 2018, the alternative protein sources business unit was launched. The PHW Group has entered into a number of strategic partnerships within this framework. In addition to these two business units, the Group also operates the Health business unit.

The PHW Group, which consists of more than 45 subsidiaries, employs a total of 10,580 staff across Europe. In the 2021/2022 financial year, the Group reported sales totalling €3.315 billion.

About us

A global company

Poultry specialities for Europe, global trade relations in the business units: the international orientation of the PHW Group is extremely wide-ranging. The Group owes its success to efforts aimed at making scientific findings available for practical application and a constant desire to innovate.

Ensuring a responsibly-minded, sustainable future is and will remain our guiding principle.

About us


Paul-Heinz Wesjohann was at the helm of the PHW Group until 1 July 2009. With the management passing down the generations, the baton is now in the hands of Peter Wesjohann, the third generation of the family. The Chairman of the Management Board is supported by highly committed, qualified employees and a strong management team.

The Management Board of the PHW Group (from left):

Doris Wesjohann, Dr. Heinrich Paul Dröge, Peter Wesjohann (CEO), Felix Wesjohann and Marcus Keitzer.


Image Source: "Timo Lutz - Team für Industriefotografie"

PHW Gruppe - Our claim

The tradition of our family business demands responsible conduct and sustainable corporate management. Our aim is to ensure that the generations to come will have the opportunity to continue developing the company into the future.