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PHW Group plays significant role in reducing CO² emissions

Rechterfeld / Hamburg, 13 February 2009. The PHW Group plans to use alternative energy production panels on a total of 34 of its company roof areas, thus reducing CO² emissions. Colexon Energy AG will be marketing 400,000 m² of the company’s roofs – which equates to an area spanning more than 55 football pitches and Germany’s largest single roof portfolio devoted to photovoltaic energy. The WIESENHOF processing plants in Zerbst and Lohne; the slaughter plants in Lohne, Holte and Möckern, hatcheries at Belzig, Bogen and Regenstauf and the parent livestock farms and farms of our partners are all set to be equipped with photovoltaic systems in the near future. 


Both parties have a strong interest in continuing and expanding the collaboration – possibly on an international level – provided that the current marketing project is successfully completed by the end of 2009. In the future, roof areas will be rented to investors for solar panels, which supply about 4,000 households with power annually and can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 16,500 tonnes. 

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