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The pharmaceutical company KRKA, d. d., Novo mesto takes over TAD Pharma GmbH

Cuxhaven, 9 November 2007. The Slovenian pharmaceutical company KRKA, d. d., Novo mesto is to take over TAD Pharma GmbH, which is part of the PHW Group, as of mid November 2007. Paul-Heinz Wesjohann of the PHW management team: “We are confident that we have made the right decision for the company, staff and location. KRKA’s takeover of TAD Pharma is not only a major prerequisite for the future of TAD Pharma in Cuxhaven but also facilitates the goal of internationalisation of production and sales”.  


As a result of comprehensive health reforms, the German generics sector is undergoing a process of upheaval. In the future, large, international companies will have a far greater chance of success in this market. In KRKA, TAD Pharma will have a strong parent company from the pharmaceutical industry. Moreover, this partnership will make TAD even more competitive. Managing Director, Jens-Peter Schütz, who has been actively involved in the takeover, is extremely optimistic: “With this move, TAD will become one of the world’s leading companies in the generics industry overnight and experience a significant scaling effect. KRKA is one of the 15 largest companies in this industry. It is a company with a strong developmental trend and ultra-modern production facilities”. Wesjohann and Schütz regard the fact that KRKA will also take over the complete TAD estate as a positive sign for this location. 


About KRKA:

The company was founded in 1954 in Novo Mesto in South East Slovenia. Today, it employs approx. 6,200 members of staff in plants in Slovenia, Poland, Croatia and Russia and sells prescription-only drugs and OTC products for self-medication in around 70 countries. As well as medication for human use, the company also produces body care products and animal medication. KRKA shares are listed on the leading share index SBI 20 of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. Further details on the company can be found at  


About TAD Pharma:

TAD Pharma is one of the 100 most profitable companies in the German pharmaceutical market and currently employs 250 members of staff. The company laid the foundation stone for this success in the early 70s with the introduction of medication for the field of urology. At the end of the 70s, TAD Pharma embraced the trend for generics. TAD Pharma has since successfully established itself in this market segment and extended its range to include anti-infectives, cardiovascular/metabolism, pain/rheumatism and neurology products. More information is available on the internet at

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