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Our principles and objectives

Sustainability has been an integral part of our family business for decades. Together with our employees, taking responsibility for people, animals and the environment is a core component of our corporate philosophy.


"We must never stop getting better."

Peter Wesjohann

Our mission statement, which was adopted in 2000, reflects aspects of our attitude towards the issue of sustainability:


  • Ecological and sustainable thinking

  • Responsible operations

  • Maintaining transparent communications


  • Sustaining the confidence and trust of our customers

  • Appreciation and respect for our employees

You can find our mission statement here:

Sustainability Report 2019

You can find all the information on key sustainability topics in the PHW Group Sustainability Report for 2017.

Sustainability Report 2019 PHW Group
Sustainability Report 2017 PHW Group (DE)
Sustainability Report 2017 PHW Group (EN)

Here are some of our sustainability facts and targets for 2020

  • Animal Welfare:
    By the end of 2020, 90% of our German production processes will be based on animal welfare programmes

  • Climate Neutrality:
    From 2020 onwards, 100% climate-neutral production processes are to be implemented at our ZNU-certified locations

  • Packaging:
    Further reduction of the use of plastics and optimisation of recyclability while never compromising on overall product safety

  • Alternative Proteins:
    Expansion and further development of the alternative protein sources business unit

  • Raw Materials & Animal Feed:
    Target-oriented application and use of alternative protein sources as soya substitutes and, by 2025, discontinuance of the use of mineral phosphorus in at least 50% of the animal feed volume produced


WIESENHOF has won awards for its commitment to sustainability!

A total of 1,591 companies / brands from 128 sectors were evaluated on the basis of their commitment to sustainability by way of 495,593 consumer assessments. WIESENHOF was rated “very strong” for its focus on sustainability.

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