Our commitment to social responsibility
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Social responsibility

Our aim is to improve the future of nutrition and nutritional behaviour in a sustainable way through a variety of projects and with the aid of the work conducted by our Foundation.

Social responsibility

Our employees are our most important asset.

Marketable products, innovations and ongoing improvements would be inconceivable without the skills and abilities of our staff.

Their experience, ideas and the successful translation of these into products and applications represent a knowledge pool for the future and the basis upon which the Group can achieve sustainable further growth.


  • Company celebrations and events

  • Company health management

  • Blood donation campaigns at the various business unit locations

  • A range of 20 different job qualification training courses and combined dual study courses



  • By signing the voluntary obligation of the meat industry as early as 2015, we have already set an example on the issue of contract workers. The Group’s proprietary Code of Conduct enshrines a commitment to social standards. This is also binding for our business partners.

Social responsibility

The WIESENHOF football school

Tolerance, fairness and respect: the comprehensive and individual training programme of our "Wiesenhof Football School with Bernd Voss" supports the youth work carried out by football clubs and encourages children in their sporting and social development. Everyone is a little pro footballer at the WIESENHOF football school!

Social responsibility

The Heinz Lohmann Foundation

The Heinz Lohmann Foundation
The Heinz Lohmann Foundation supports scientific research on our nutrition and nutritional behaviour today and in the future – in Germany and around the world. For 20 years, the Foundation has been dealing with the question of what we will be eating in the future. The Foundation sees itself as an interface between science, agriculture and consumers. In the course of the past 20 years, it has become clear that values are changing. The Foundation is also moving with the times.