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An important resource for the future

The PHW Group employs about 6,800 people. Their qualifications and motivation determine the economic success of the PHW Group.

Marketable products, innovations in research and continuous improvements in the company’s range of services would be inconceivable without the skills of the PHW employees.

The PHW Group will continue to build on this valuable potential in the future.

Extensive training and education programs are hallmarks of an innovative HR and corporate policy. The close contact with universities serves the constant exchange between scientific institutions and the companies of the PHW group

The quality of the products, the commitment to innovation in all areas and the will to invest make the PHW Group one of the most important employers in many regions. Therefore the number of employees is still growing steadily.


Since 1 July 2009, Peter Wesjohann has been in charge of the fortunes of the PHW Group. With the passing on of the leadership by Paul-Heinz Wesjohann, the staff was handed over to the third generation. The Chairman of the Executive Board is assisted by highly motivated, qualified employees and a strong management team.

The management of the PHW group (from left):

Markus Wesjohann, Marcus Keitzer, Peter Wesjohann (Chief Executive Officer), Doris Wesjohann, Dr. Ing. Heinrich Paul Dröge

Career at the PHW Group

As a family business in the third generation with international networking, we offer the best opportunities and very good future prospects! Their chances at the PHW Group are manifold: foreign trade, IT, merchants, logistics, animal husbandry or process technology. There is something for you, too.