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Responsibility for people, animals and the environment

The position of providing people with quality foodstuffs at reasonable prices has always been a focus of the company since its foundation over 85 years ago.

Increasingly high standards in terms of sustainable production processes, hygiene and particularly animal welfare make investments necessary. These standards apply to both upstream and downstream sectors within the overall value-added chain for chicken, turkey and duck.

In the past, present and future

The principles of the PHW Group:

  • Ecological and sustainable action
  • Responsible action
  • Open communication
  • Safety and confidence for customers
  • Appreciation and respect for employees
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Future investment

In the last ten years the PHW Group has almost doubled its turnover. A few current examples
and some from the recent past:


Modernisation, expansion and new buildings mean that our facilities always meet the very latest and most stringent standards, especially when it comes to improving animal well-being and sustainable protection of the environment.

In the past five years, about EUR 426 million were spent on the PHW Group’s slaughterhouses and processing facilities and, in particular, on the development and rebuilding of the plants, based in Lohne and Bogen (Germany).


In July 2011, MEGA opened the most modern mixed feed plant in Europe at the Eberswalde harbour area. With shipping and railway connections, the two-hectare facility boasts numerous logistical advantages.

The new plant will initially produce 180,000 tonnes of mixed feed each year, with this figure eventually rising to 300,000 tonnes per annum. The total investment volume amounted to € 18.5 million.


Lohmann Animal Health continues its internationalization: A second vaccine plant was created in Cuxhaven and new research capacities were created with extensive laboratory extensions.


Construction of the most modern turkey slaughterhouse in Europe in Wildeshausen by Geestland Putenspezialitäten GmbH.

Nutrilo inaugurates a new 1,080 m2 technical centre costing EUR 2 million, representing a considerable expansion of research and production capacities.

Whereas up to now the product portfolio consisted of nutrition supplements, vitamin and mineral compounds, since 2009 solutions for pharmaceutical products can be realised.


For EURO 20 million, the hatchery BWE is modernizing its location in Rechterfeld . With the new hatchery, WIESENHOF is proving its quality promise with its outstanding chick quality.