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PHW Gruppe - Core business of the PHW Group

The core business of the PHW Group is the production and marketing of high-quality poultry specialities under the WIESENHOF brand. This core business unit brings together all the companies of the PHW Group under the WIESENHOF umbrella


Guarantee of Origin

Whether parent stock, hatchery, breeding, slaughtering and processing or the feed mills - with us everything is in Germany and mainly in our own company.

There you know where the poultry comes from.


More precisely, from around 1,000 partner farmers who raise the poultry in controlled barn conditions. This means that the regional origin of the products is always guaranteed. The WIESENHOF guarantee of origin ensures the complete traceability of the products. Every package of fresh and frozen chicken meat with a trade class indication contains information on which farmer or producer association raised the animal.

At WIESENHOF, all stages of production are located in Germany - from parent stock farming to hatcheries, rearing, slaughtering and processing to our own feed mills. In-house and independent controls guarantee the highest level of safety, as evidenced by certifications ranging from ISO to IFS Food and QS. Even before a legal regulation, WIESENHOF proactively dispensed with the use of animal meal in the feed for chickens in 1996. In addition, antibiotics have not been used as performance enhancers since 1997.

Animal Welfare

More than 95% of our German chicken production comes from six animal welfare programs that can be classified in food retailer husbandry level 2 or higher. We developed the alternative concept "WIESENHOF Privathof Geflügel" more than ten years ago together with the German Animal Welfare Association with scientific support from LMU Munich. Due to our diverse product range including different husbandry levels, we can offer our consumers a wide range of products for a healthy as well as balanced diet.

Criteria Conventional WIESENHOF rearing
Initiative Tierwohl (animal welfare initiative)
Donautal Premium Poultry
WIESENHOF Private Farm (German Animal Welfare Federation 1-Star)
Kip van Morgen 2020+
Beter Leven 1 Stern
Stocking density:

35 kg / m² up to a weight of 1.600g, thereafter 39 kg / m²

35 kg / m² for all weight classes

Up to a max. 30 kg / m² plus 10 % when higher sitting level (perches) are available

Closed barn with winter garden: 17 birds / m² bzw. max. 29 kg / m² without additional winter garden: 15 birds / m² bzw. max. 25 kg / m²

38 kg / m²

25 kg / m²


Ross or Cobb

Ross or Cobb

Ross or Cobb

Slow growing, approved by German Animal Welfare Federation, and recording of key indicators for regular assessment

Slow growing, approved by Dutch animal protection authority, "De Dierenbescherming"

Slow growing, approved by Dutch animal protection authority, "De Dierenbescherming"


Approx. 30-40 days

Approx. 30-40 days

32-40 days

Approx. 42 days

Approx. 42 days

At least 56 days


At least 3 % of the floor space has daylight, minimum 20 lux (new buildings as from October 2009), regulated day-night cycle

At least 3 % of the floor space has daylight, minimum 20 lux (new buildings as from October 2009), regulated day-night cycle

Winter garden or free-range scratching area

Winter garden or similar free-range areas

At least 3 % of the floor space is natural daylight, minimun 20 lux, regulated day-night cycle

At least 20 % winter garden


Non-GMO soy

Non-GMO soy

Non-GMO soy

Non-GMO soy

100 % RTRS soy

70 % cereal content / non-GMO soy*


Straw, hay or other bedding materials

Picking objects, straw, hay or other bedding materials

Straw bales, picking objects, perches, cereal picking litter

Straw bales, picking objects, perches, cereal picking litter

Straw bales, picking objects, perches, cereal picking litter

Straw bales and grain in litter for picking

* With this rearing method non-GMO soy is not stipulated. However, PHW-Group voluntarily insist on non-GMO soy and does more for animal welfare than legaly stipulated.

PHW Gruppe - Protein-rich diet with poultry: healthy and delicious

Whether roasted, grilled, deep-fried, steamed, boiled or braised, poultry meat is always delicious. It can be prepared in an unbeatable variety of ways. But poultry meat not only tastes delicious. It also provides the organism with additional valuable nutrients.

The proportion of high-quality protein is remarkable, ranging from 18 to 23 percent, depending on the type of poultry. Muscle meat provides the most protein (for example, turkey or chicken breast). On the other hand, poultry meat contains hardly any fat.
The fat content varies somewhat depending on the type of poultry and the cut, as fat is known to be an important flavor carrier and sits directly under the skin as a fat shield in poultry.


Conscious nutrition with WIESENHOF

While chicken and turkey tend to be classified as lean poultry meat, ducks and geese are classified as medium-fat because in waterfowl the layer of fat provides the necessary protection against cold. Most of the fat escapes during cooking, which is why there is far less fat in ready-to-eat poultry. So if you're watching calories, you should especially eat cuts and batches with lots of muscle meat and no skin. For example, chicken breast fillets (approx. 1.0 g fat/100 g) and turkey breast fillets (approx. 0.8 g fat/100 g) are particularly low in fat.

Nutritional analysis

nutritional analysis of poultry meat (per 100g edible product)chickenchicken breast filletchicken wingschicken leg meatturkey breast filletturkey thigh meatduck
energy (KJ)6734457878074556771704
energy (kcal)161105189194107162413
protein (g)20241817252011
carbohydrate (g)0000000
of which sugars (g)0000000
fat (g)9113140.89.141
of which saturated fatty acids (g)
fibre (g)0000000
salt (g)

* Poultry is a natural product. Nutritional information is partly subject to high fluctuations


WIESENHOF Privathof Geflügel

For more animal welfare


Our Privathof concept was developed together with experts from animal welfare organizations and scientists from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich and is committed to more animal husbandry, animal hygiene and animal welfare. Discover our Privathof poultry, which has been awarded the animal welfare label "Für Mehr Tierschutz" (entry level) of the German Animal Welfare Association since 2013.


WIESENHOF Privathof-Geflügel

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