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PHW Gruppe - Future strategy

We act mindfully for future generations by standing for high-quality animal and plant protein products and their (further) development, as well as putting the circular idea at the forefront of our economic activities for 90 years.


Animal Welfare

Animal welfare

Our aims include the structural expansion of husbandry level 3 and intensifying marketing activities for products from husbandry level 4. For more than two decades already, we have been involved in the area of alternative husbandry concepts and will seek to ramp up our activities here. Most recently, the number of private farms was increased from 32 to 63.



As a family company with strong regional roots, we take responsibility for the roughly 1,000 agricultural partnerships we have agreed. In order to further strengthen Germany as a business location over the long term, our sights are firmly fixed on preserving and expanding poultry farming in Germany. The WIESENHOF brand stands for 100 percent poultry of German origin.


Climate Action

Climate protection

By 2040, we intend to have achieved climate-neutral operations at all PHW Group production sites in Germany.

In so doing, our aim is to assume the mantle of industry pioneers in the area of climate protection. Our aim is to achieve a reduction of 30 % versus the baseline year 2019/2020 in terms of unavoidable emissions at our German production sites for chicken, turkey and sausage specialities from Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 2030.


Circular Economy

Environmental protection

Determination of the status quo along the value chain by collecting comprehensive PEF (Product Environmental Footprints) data for poultry meat products from the areas of conventional and alternative husbandry as well as vegan items. Implementation is expected to be finalised by the end of 2024.


Animal feed

By the end of 2023, we will comply with the requirements of the QS-Soja Plus standard for the procurement of sustainably-certified and deforestation-free soy products.


Food Waste

In the PHW Group, the byproducts from slaughtering from its own production plants are recycled into high quality protein and fat products for further processing in animal feed. In this way, all parts of the poultry are used sensibly and completely. This eliminates the occurrence of food waste.

Acquisition of a new pilot project in 2023 to reduce surplus production in the Convenience area.


Social Responsibility

Alternative protein sources

Establish vertical integration in the Alternative Protein Sources business unit. Sales of around € 23 million in financial year 2021/2022 to be increased over the following five years to € 65 million.



We actively promote the integration of our foreign employees with various offerings depending on their specific needs. These include, for example, organising language courses and expanded support measures for family members.



As a family company, we are well aware of our social responsibility towards our workforce of around 10,500 employees and are constantly working towards further improving their work-life balance. As a food producer, we see it as our duty to produce high-quality animal and vegetable protein products for everybody in society.


One Health

The aim for 2023 is to limit the use of antibiotics in poultry livestock farming to an absolutely necessary, animal welfare compliant level and to combat multi-resistant, ubiquitously occurring bacteria through targeted interventions. As an interim goal, we will continue to focus on increasing the proportion of untreated animals to 70 % as soon as possible.

All sustainability targets can be found here ...

Charter of sustainability 2023
PHW Nachhaltigkeit

The PHW Group has been included on the list of “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” on account of its commitment to sustainability. This is a global initiative that was originally established with the support of the United Nations (UN), the media company Bloomberg and the TBD Media Group. The aim of this initiative is to offer companies that operate on a particularly sustainable basis a platform whereby they are able to present their strategies, ideas and progress in terms of tackling climate change to a wide audience.

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PHW Nachhaltigkeit

ZNU Partnership

The ZNU standard stands for sustainable management and integrates all three dimensions of environment, economy and social issues.

Since 2010, WIESENHOF has been a partner and sponsor of the Center for Sustainable Management (ZNU) at the University of Witten/Herdecke. The center developed the ZNU standard "Sustainable Business Management", which serves to systematize the sustainability activities of the company and to support companies in their sustainable development.

ZNU standard


ZNU goes Zero: We are part of it!

Since January 2020, we have been part of the climate initiative "ZNU goes Zero" of the Center for Sustainable Leadership of the University of Witten/Herdecke (Faculty of Economics, Management and Society) with six production sites.

Certificate of participation - ZNU goes Zero

Sustainability report

You can find all the information on key sustainability topics in the PHW Group Sustainability Reports.


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