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PHW Gruppe - 25 years of promoting scientific research on nutrition issues of the future

As a company in the food industry, the PHW Group assumes responsibility for the safety and quality of food and its production conditions, as well as for local and global food security in the future. The Heinz Lohmann Foundation was founded in 1997 in line with this idea. With its emphasis on nutrition, it promotes education, enlightenment and social discussion. 

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Heinz Lohmann Foundation

Promoting sustainable projects

The PHW Group also assumes social responsibility through its Heinz Lohmann Foundation. This not-for-profit foundation, which has been focusing on issues of future nutrition and nutritional behaviour since 1997, sees itself as an interface between science, agriculture and consumers.

A major element of the foundation’s work consists of promoting scientific research in universities and institutes. The foundation supports degree and PhD graduates working in scientific areas compatible with the purpose and aims of the foundation. It also backs sustainable projects dealing with subjects relating to nutrition, for example, in the quest to provide healthier school meals.

Heinz Lohmann Foundation activity reports

For transparency in food production

The Foundation regularly initiates consumer surveys and commissions studies on nutritional knowledge. Symposiums focused on nutrition that are instituted by the Foundation provide a communication platform for an exchange of information on current and future questions of nutritional science and practice

Information on surveys and study results:
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