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„Growth through diversity“

The core business segment of poultry specialities should be promoted by further developing the conventional business and by increasing animal welfare concepts. At the same time, the PHW Group intends to strongly expand the field of alternative protein sources. In 2018, this area has been added to the portfolio as a strategic business segment. The PHW Group is thus increasingly positioning itself as a provider of alternative protein sources.


Green Meadows - Paving the way for a new food diversity


Making sustainable plant-based foods of outstanding quality available to the mass market and contributing to global resource and climate challenges: With this claim, Foods United Inc. was founded in 2019. Products such as vegetable sausage or nuggets are now becoming increasingly attractive for the mass market of flexitarians thanks to new production technologies and a significantly refined taste. Foods United Inc. is developing this product category of plant-based substitutes for meat, fish and eggs through targeted investments in emerging brands and is helping plant-based foods of the latest generation to achieve an even better presence in the trade and attractive pricing in a global growth market.


As part of this strategy, Foods United has founded the joint venture Green Meadows together with the PHW Group: The new company is to become Foods United's production and distribution arm in the European market.


Foods United's expertise in selecting the most innovative international start-ups is combined in the best possible way with the quality promise and distribution network of Green Meadows' parent company, the PHW Group. With this, Green Meadows brings its proven production and distribution expertise to the partnership with Foods United for the entire European market, thus combining the wishes of retailers and consumers with the possibilities of future innovations.


SuperMeat deals with the production of artificially produced poultry meat. The young food and biotechnology company is researching the production of so-called "clean meat". Since the beginning of 2018, the start-up company has had a strategic partnership with the PHW Group.

Beyond Meat™

The Californian company Beyond Meat™, financed by Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio among others, replaces animal protein with vegetable protein and has set itself the goal of producing vegetable-based meat substitutes that also have the benefits of conventional meat. In April 2018, the company announced its entry into the European market with the PHW Group as its distribution partner.


The American company Good Catch Foods has created delicious food for the American food market and made the herbal option available to everyone. In August 2018, the PHW Group announced its participation in the American company so that European consumers can also enjoy vegan Good Catch products as quickly as possible.


Enterra Foods

Enterra Feed Corporation produces and markets feed additives derived from the larvae of the black soldier fly, a useful insect species naturally found in tropical and temperate regions of the world. By acquiring a stake in the Canadian company Enterra Feed Corporation in August 2018, the PHW Group found a suitable partner for poultry feed alternatives.


Just Egg

JUST, a company that uses state-of-the-art science and technology to produce healthier and more sustainable foods, announced in February 2019 that it has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the PHW Group to offer JUST's award-winning vegetable egg substitute "JUST Egg" to consumers across Europe.