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PHW Gruppe - The foods of the future

Eating a sustainable diet with protein-rich, high-quality food is increasingly becoming a global challenge. According to predictions, the world will be home to approximately ten billion people by 2050 – and as the population rises, demand for protein will increase accordingly. Neither meat products nor currently available meat alternatives will be enough to meet the protein needs of the future in a sustainable way. Here, at the PHW Group, our business portfolio has the food of the future at its heart. With our fully vertically integrated poultry business segment and our PHW ranges and partnerships in the alternative protein segment, we have created a range of products that is both diverse and sustainable.

Alternative Protein Sources

Growth through diversity

What do we want our diets to look like in the future? We have found our own answer to this question and are firm believers in growth through diversity. We do not think in black and white terms, but are aiming to create synergies. We are open to new markets and technologies – always ensuring they meet the highest quality and sustainability standards. What does this mean in practice? Although you may think that our poultry and alternative protein segments are in competition with one another, but in fact, both of them are continuously expanding. Our mission is to bring impressive supplementary products on to the market. Since 2018, we have had an extra Executive Board for the business segment Alternative Protein Sources. This step has further emphasised the seriousness with which we take this issue.   

PHW Gruppe - Provider of high quality protein products

Our business is built on two pillars. First, we have launched our own vegan product line in retail grocery stores under the ‘Green Legend’ brand name. We have been developing plant-based products since as far back as 2015, and we leverage our wide spectrum of knowledge from the poultry segment for both their production and sale. Our long-standing expertise as a food products manufacturer has meant that we have had no problems in branching into the alternative protein segment. Our vegan products are manufactured at our site in Laage. Secondly, we have been entering into successful distribution and technology partnerships for many years. The pursuit of this strategic approach has enabled us to successfully establish ourselves as providers of high-quality products in the food industry. As far as sustainability is concerned, we have set ourselves the goal of further strengthening our Alternative Protein Sources business segment and establishing it as a key pillar of the PHW portfolio. Last year’s sales figures for financial year 21/22 totalled around EUR 23 million and are set to increase to EUR 65 million in the next five years.

Alternative Protein Sources

Green Legend – pure plant-based pleasure…

… with the full taste of the meaty original. The PHW Group has been offering its own Green Legend vegan product brand in retail stores since October 2020. Unlike many other meat substitute products, these vegan alternatives have no added soya, flavourings, palm oil or coconut oil. Their main ingredients are instead sourced from traditional arable crops such as peas, broad beans, maize and wheat. Flexitarians are the main target group for these new products.

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Alternative Protein Sources

Paul's PLANT BASED wins over the gastronomy sector

Creative meat-free snacks: this is what our external brand Paul's PLANT BASED is all about. Hearty, natural pleasure, perfect for a varied meat-free or reduced meat diet. Again, flexitarians are the main target group for these products. According to our own representative study, one in two Germans (53%) consciously forego meat products for at least some of the time. A significant portion of respondents are flexible as to whether they go vegetarian or not, with 44% citing their diets as flexitarian, while 8% call themselves vegetarian and only 1% consider themselves vegan.

PHW Gruppe - Strategic partnerships

Distribution partnerships with The Livekindly Collective as well as partnerships with SuperMeat and Redefine Meat enable us to constantly develop our competencies and offer us the opportunity to take advantage of innovations in order to strengthen our portfolio.

PHW Gruppe - Growth through diversity

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