WIESENHOF presses criminal charges against former operating company of parental farm and PETA

WIESENHOF has pressed criminal charges today 12th of January 2010 at the responsible prosecution in Verden against the former independent operating company of the parental farm in Twistringen. The shown material on Monday night at “report Mainz” originates from this farm. The contractual relationship with the mentioned leaseholder of the farm has ended in November 2009. Nevertheless WIESENHOF will press criminal charges against the leaseholder due to the negligence of contractual obligatory supervision and acceptance of the breach of the animal welfare regulations. Those breaches had been accepted and even recorded.  


Independently of this matter WIESENHOF already took first steps in matters of personnel penalty and organizational changes on Friday 8th of January after examining the material with “report Mainz” which had been recorded at the parental farm. These steps had been taken due to the fact that the documented treatment is not in accordance with the corporate policy in regards of animal welfare examined and totally unacceptable.  


One consequence of the actions taken of this singular case WIESENHOF is not going to work with the companies in charge of loading of the live stock with immediate effect. Additional to the already existing own monitoring of the parental farms and audits of certifying companies unannounced controls will be done by our animal welfare officer.  


WIESENHOF has reasonable suspicion that the farm manager had been exploited by PETA. The fact that this malpractice had been tolerated or even encouraged substantiates this suspicion. Therefore WIESENHOF will press criminal charges against PETA. 


We regret that those breaches of the operating company of the parental farm had not been notified to the authorities or to our company.

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